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I. Phonetics(5 points)

Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
1.A. captain B. sustain C. contain D retain
2.A. pension  B. mission C. tension D. revision
3.A. actress B. business C. excess D. endless
4.A. combination B. climbing C. bamboo D. ambition
5.A. blew B. crew C. sew D. Jew

I. Vocabulary and Structure(15 points)

Directions: There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are fourchoices marked A. B. C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
6. I asked two passers-by how to get to the new railway station, but         of them knew it.
A. none B. either
C. neither D both
7.—The boss wants to talk to you. He seems unhappy with your performance.
—Oh, I          be in trouble. I hope he won't fire me.
A. must B. can
C should D would
8.          my daughter reaches the age of eighteen, she can apply for a driving license.
A. Unless B Because
C. since D. Once
9. I'lI consider         Ms. Smith tonight, but I am not sure if I have the time.
A. to see B. seeing
C. to have seen D. see
10. The train         to arrive at 11: 30, but it was an hour late.
A. was supposed B. is supposed
C. supposes D. supposed
11. Bob doesn't look his age. I think he’s somewhere        .
A. in forty B in forties
C. in his forty D. in his forties
12. I feel very excited         the thought of joining my family in a week.
A.on B. for
C. at D. in
13.         a hotel, we looked for somewhere to have dinner.
A Finding B. Having found
C. We finding D. We found
14. Despite the sudden breakdown of the General Manager,         work is going on in the company.
A. usual B. routine
C. normal D. regular
15. At such a time of crisis, we must try to         all differences and stick together.
A. set apart B. set back
C. set aside D. set down
16. Many governments are now taking         to reduce smoking in public places.
A. steps B. sides
C. effect D. change
17. The employees         more enthusiastic about their work since their pay rose.
A. are B. have been
C. were D. will be
18 Children don't understand initially what they are reciting, but         it will have an impact on their thinking.
A. casually B. especially
C. regularly D. gradually
19. The university regulations require that the students         at least 90% of the lectures.
A. attended B. to attend
C. would attend D. attend
20. In October 2007, the Chang'e-l satellite was successfully         at Xichang.
A. launched B. presented
C. regulated D. engaged

Ⅲ. Cloze(30 points)

Directions:  For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
The destruction of habitats (栖息地) all over the world is the primary reason species are becoming extinct (灭绝) or endangered. Houses, highways, dams, industrial buildings, and ever-spreading farms now dominate  21  formerly occupied by forests, deserts, and wetlands. 22  the beginning of European settlement in America,  23  , over 65, 000, 000 acres of wetlands have been drained. One million acres alone vanished  24  1985 and 1995.
Habitat destruction can be  25  or it can be subtle, occurring over a  26  period of time without being noticed.  27  such as sewage from cities and chemical runoff fromfarms, can change the  28  and quantity of water in streams and rivers. To  29  living in a delicately balanced habitat, this disturbance can be as  30  as the clear-cutting of a rainforest.
 31  remaining habitats are carved into smaller and smaller pockets or islands, remaining species are forced to exist in these  32  areas, which causes further habitat  33  These species become less adaptable to environmental  34  in fact, they become  35  endangered. Scientists believe that when a habitat is cut by 90%, one-half of its plants, animals and insects will become extinct.
21.A. landscapes B. cities C. maps D. pictures
22.A. At B. Before C. After D. Since
23.A. for example B. in addition C. at last D. after all
24.A. both B. in C. between D. before
25.A simple B. beneficial C. interesting D. obvious
26.A long B. short C. happy D. sad
27.A. Construction B. Pollution C. Farming D. Living
28.A. amount B. purity C. nature D. qual
29.A people B. species C. plants D. insects
30.A. effective B. small C. fatal D. surprising
31.A. How B. Whether C. Before D. As
32.A. crowded B. extensive C. large D. bare
33.A. reform B. destruction C. support D. discovery
34.A. improvements B. changes C. protection D. development
35.A. even B. far C. more D. less

IV Reading Comprehension( 60 points)

Directions: There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four questions For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B. C and D. Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage One

Woman nabbed for a DUI at same crash spot
Wed May 21. 2: 17 AM ET
TRUCKEE,Caif。- Call it drunken driving deja vu(记忆幻觉)。 For the second time in five months, a 23-year-old California woman has been arrested after she crashed her car while driving under the influence( DUI) at the exact same spot north of Lake Tahoe.
And to top it off, Truckee Police say that in both cases, her blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit.
The police say Melissa Dennison of Truckee crashed at about noon on Sunday on glenshire Drive just south of the Glenshire Bridge. They say she was extremely drunk and had trouble standing or walking. Her blood alcohol level initially was measured at 346. The legal limit is. 08.
Sergeant J. Litchie said Dennison also had been charged with a DUI in January when she crashed at the same spot and registered a blood alcohol level of. 380. If found guilty of the second offense, she faces up to 10 years in prison and fines in excess of $2, 000.
A telephone message the Associated Press left at a listing for Dennison in Truckee on Tuesday was not immediately returned.
36. Who is the author of the passage?
A. A passenger B. A policeman
C. A judge D. A journalist
37. Why couldn’t the woman stand and walk?
A. She had lost too much blood.
B. She was scared.
C. She drank too much.
D. She had a sudden stomachache.
38. Why could the woman be imprisoned for 10 years?
A. She was caught DUI twice.
B. She had her car crashed.
C. She refused to take a blood test.
D. She drove without a driving license.
39. What does the word"nabbed"in the title mean?
A. Arrested B. Attacked
C Charged D Punished

Passage Two

There were many different cultures in the ancient world, but the two that had the most influence on European and American civilizations were the Greek and the Roman. Often these two cultures are lumped together in our minds, as if they were really exactly alike. But that is not the case. In many ways the Greeks and the Romans could not have been more different.
The Greeks were truly democratic, often without a single leader but instead governed by a group of men chosen by the people. The Romans were semi-democratic. They had a governing Senate, but the political power was mos tly or completely in the hands of a single emperor.
Both cultures were great builders. But the construction interests of the two cultures were also different. The Greeks tended to be more artistic. Their buildings were well constructed and they ley were especially interested in temples, columns, and decorative forms. The Romans, on the other hand were more engineers than artists. They concentrated their efforts on urban planning, well-functioning water pipes, and the best roads.
Only in cooking and eating habits are the two cultures really similar. Both peoples ate very well indeed: lots of fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy meals, holding at the same time long discussions and tasting excellent wines.
In fact, it would probably be fair to say that they both loved life in their warm, sea-orientedclimates, and they both lived a full life
40.What is the first paragraph about?
A. The Greek and the Roman were similar.
B. People misunderstood European civilization.
C. Greek civilization was quite different from Roman civilization.
D. European civilization influenced American civilization greatly.
41. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. The Romans had more political awareness.
B. The Romans had less political freedom and democracy.
C. The Romans had more freedom to choose their leader.
D. The Romans had fewer people elected into the government.
42. What were the Greeks famous for?
A. The overall planning of a city or a town.
B. The artistic decoration of the buildings.
C. The practical functions of the buildings.
D. The system of water supply and transportation.
43. How are the two cultures alike
A. Both loved the sea. B Both lived long lives.
C Both loved cooking. D Both enjoyed talking over meals.

Passage Three

As recently as three decades ago, many Americans believed that using credit was an unwise and dangerous way to pay for what they bought. Some even thought that owing money to a store or a redit company was something to be ashamed of. Good citizens, they believed, always bought what they wanted with real money and they paid the full price immediately.
Today, however, all that has changed. Credit, as some observers have noted, has become a way of life in the United States. More and more Americans now are depending on those small pieces of plastic, credit cards, to pay for large purchases such as televisions, record players or furniture.Many people today would consider it unusual not to use a credit card to pay for a costly restaurant dinner, a hotel room or an airline trip. And there are some situations in which Americans must have credit cards. If they want the temporary use of a car, for example, they first must give the car rental company the number of their credit card. That number is considered a guarantee that they will return the car and pay for using it.
Credit cards offer two major services to Americans. First of all, they are easier and safer to carry than large amounts of money. Second, they permit people to borrow, to have the immediate pleasure of owning something, even if they do not have enough money to pay for it at the time. With credit cards people pay for goods or services at the end of each month instead of when they buy them.And when the time does come to pay, most credit cards offer people a choice. They can pay all of what they owe for the month or they can just pay usually between 5 and 10 percent of what they owe.
44. What do Americans feel about using credit cards nowadays according to the passage?
A. They consider it valuable
B. They regard it as a shame
C. They think it dangerous
D. They find it quite convenient
45. Why does the car rental company ask for the credit card number?
A. To prevent the overuse of the car.
B. To make sure that the car wont be damaged
C To make sure the user return the car and pay for using it
D. To ensure that the car is safely and timely returned
46. What advantage can credit card holders have?
A. They can choose not to pay for their purchases.
B. They can easily borrow money at a lower interest.
C. They can own something before they actually pay for it
D. They can pay only a small amount of what they owe.
47. What is the best title for the passage?
A. Credit-a Way of Life in America.
B. Credit Services in America.
C Convenience of Living in America.
D. History of Credit Cards in America.

Passage Four

At the 1893 Columbian Exposition, a World Fair held in Chicago, chocolate-making machinery made in German ny was displayed. It caught the eye of M S Hershey, who saw the potential for chocolate. He installed chocolate machinery in his factory in Lancaster, and produced his first chocolate bars in 1894.
Other Americans began mixing in other materials to make up new candy bars throughout the end of the 1890 s and the early 1900's. But it was World War I that really brought attention to the candy bar.
The U. S. Army Quartermaster Corps requested various American chocolate manufacturers to provide 20 to 40 pound blocks of chocolate to be shipped to quartermaster bases. The blocks were cut into smaller pieces and distributed to American soldiers in Europe. Eventually the task of making smaller pieces was turned back to the manufacturers. By the end of the war when the soldiers arrived the American candy bar business was assured. Why? Because the returning soldiers had fond of chocolate candy and wanted more of the same. As a result. from that time on and through the 1920s, candy bar manufacturers became established throughout the United States, and as many as 40,000 different candy bars appeared on the scene.
The original candy bar industry had its start on the eastern coast in such cities as Philadelphia Boston, and New York. The industry soon spread to the Midwest because shipping and raw materials such as sugar, corn syrup, and milk were easily available. Chicago became the seat of the candy bar industry and is even today an important base.
48. Why did M S. Hershey start the production of chocolate bars?
A. He was deeply impressed by the Columbian Exposition.
B. He realized that it was possible for chocolate to become.
C. There was nothing to produce in his factory in Lancaster.
D. He was interested in the chocolate machinery displayed at the fair.
49. Which event brought the booming of American candy bar business?
A. The adding of new materials.
B The demand in the army during WWI.
C. The purchase of new machines.
D The appearance of smaller candy.
50. What does the underlined word"seat"in the last paragraph most probably mean?
A. Focus. B. Position.
C Chair. D. Center.
51. What is this passage mainly about?
A. A World Fair held in Chicago in 1893.
B. The popularity of the American candy bar industry.
C. The candy bar industry during World War I.
D. The spread of the candy bar business to the Midwest.

Passage Five

Mark Twain is one of Americas much-beloved authors, creating imaginative and humorous classics for children and adults alike, such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Prince and The Pauper, and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Twain passed away in 1910, leaving behind a treasure of great literature. But now, 100 years after his death, he'll have a brand-new book on the shelves : a three-volume autobiography
Twain hasn't been keeping busy in his tomb: it was his wish that publishers wait until 100 years after his death to publish his memoirs (自传) , which he spent the last decade of his life working on.
The autobiography totals more than 5, 000 pages, and likely wont be all sunshine and roses. It seems that Twain harbored some bitterness against former girlfriends and ex-friends. He also writes negatively about politicians of his day, such as Teddy Roosevelt. It's likely that he requested such a long lead time for the memoirs because he didn't want to hurt the feelings of anyone mentioned in this work.
Although small sections of the memoirs have been previously published, the autobiography has never been available in full, and should provide great insights into the man behind the classic books. The first volume of the set will be available in November, and the trilogy is being published by the University of California, Berkeley.
“There are so many biographies of Twain, and many of them have used bits and pieces of the autobiography,” editor Robert Hirst told The Independent. “But biographers pick and choose what bits to quote. By publishing Twain's book in full, we hope that people will be able to come to their own complete conclusions about what sort of a man he was.”
52. According to Paragraph 1, which of the following statements is TRUE of Mark Twain?
A. He left behind lots of money.
B. His works were written for children.
C. His works are full of adventures.
D. He is famous for his great works.
53. What can we learn about Mark Twain's autobiography from the passage?
A. It has been published against Twain's will.
B. It shows Twain's respect for politicians.
C. It will be published in full.
D. It has been recently finished.
54. What does the underlined word “trilogy” in Paragraph 4 mean?
A. A work in three volumes.
B. An imaginative work.
C. A collection of stories.
D. Memoirs of famous people.
55. What is the purpose of publishing Twain's autobiography?
A. To supplement other biographies.
B. To help readers to understand Mark Twain.
C. To introduce Mark Twain's works.
D. To expose new discoveries about Mark Twain

V Daily Conversation( 15 points)

Directions: Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the following dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
  A. When shall we set off B. What is the time
  C. have a wonderful time D. start packing
  E. be great fun F. What could I get
  G. What should I take H. where to
Mary How do you like the idea of having a picnic this Saturday?
John: Wonderful. But  56 ?
Mary: What about the Blue Mountain? It's quite cool there
John: That's a good idea. Shall we invite Michael and his girlfriend to go with us?
Mary: Sure! It would  57  to have them with us.
John: Good!  58 ?
Mary: You could buy some drinks and sandwiches. And some fruit, too.
John: OK.  59 ?
Mary: How about 8 o’clock in the morning? It takes about two hours to get there.
John: OK. I' ll call Michael and tell him about our plan. We sure will  60  .

【考情分析】句意:我问了两个路人怎么去新火车站,但是他们都不知道。mone表示“三者以上的都不”, either表示“两者之中的任何一个”, neither表示“两者都不”,both表示“两者都”。此处表示两者都不,故选C
【考情分析】句意:— 老板想找你谈话,他看起来对你的表现不满意。—哦,我可能有麻烦了,希望他不要解雇我。句末表达了希望,说明结果是不确定的,所以用can,表示“可能”,故选B。must指的是“一定会发生的,必然”, should意为“竟然”,would表示意愿。
【考情分析】句意:我女儿可以申请考驾照了,因为她满18岁了。句中缺少表示原因的连词。 because和 sInce都可以引导原因状语从句,但 because一般不用于句首,故选C。
【考情点拔】考查 consider的用法。
【考情分析】句意:我会考虑今晚去看史密斯小姐,但我不确定我有没有时间。 consider后面需要接动名词形式,故选B。
【考情分析】句意:那趟火车应该十一点半到,但是它晚了一个小时。 be supposed to do sth。意为“应该做某事”,又因为本句时态为一般过去时,故选A。
【考情分析】句意:鲍勃看起来不像他那个年纪的样子。我觉得他已经四十多岁了。 in one' s forties为“四十多岁”,故选D
【考情分析】句意:一想到一周后就能和家人在起,我就很激动。 be excited at sth。意为“对某事感到兴奋”,故选C。
【考情分析】句意:尽管总经理突然离职了,但公司的日常工作仍在进行。 routine意为“常规的,日常的”, routine work意为“日常工作”,故选B
【考情分析】句意:在这么危急的时刻,我们必须抛开所有的差异,团结起来。 set apart意为“留出”, set back意为“推迟”", set aside意为“把放在一边”, set down意为“放下,下车”。结合句意,故选C。
【考情分析】句意:许多政府正在采取措施,减少公共场所的吸烟行为。 take steps意为“采取措施”,故选A。
【考情分析】句意:自从涨了工资,员工们工作起来更有热情了。 since表示“自从……",出现在句中时,主句要用完成时,故选B。
【考情分析】句意:孩子们不知道他们背的是什么,但它会渐渐地影响他们的思维。 casually意为“随意地”, especially意为“尤其地", regularly意为“按时地”, gradually意为“渐渐地”。根据句意,故选D。
【考点分析】考查 require的用法。
加90%的课程。 equire表示“要求”,后面接that
从句时谓语动词要用虚拟语气,结构为“ should+
动词原形”, should可以省略,故选D。
【考情分析】句意:2007年10月,嫦娥一号卫星在西昌成功发射。 launched意为“发射”, presented意为“提出,呈现”, regulated意为“规定,管理”engaged意为“从事,占用”。根据句意,故选A。

Ⅲ. Cloze

【考情分析】空格后所说的森林、沙漠和湿地都是陆地上的风景、风貌,这里是说森林、沙漠和湿地都被房屋、公路、水坝、工业建筑、农场代替了landscapes有“风景”的意思,符合题意。 cities意为“城市”,maps意为“地图”, pictures意为“图画照片”。
【考情分析】本句句意为:欧洲人开始在美国定居后,超过6500多万英亩的湿地变干。表示“在之后”用 after,故选C。
句讲到欧洲殖民对湿地的破坏,这是对前一句的举例说明。 for example意为“例如”,符合题意in addition意为“此外”, at last意为“结果,终于”after all意为“毕竟
【考情分析】空格之后的两个年份之间有and,所以前面要用 between, between。and表示“在之间”
【考情分析】本句承上启下,or之前的半句指前文所说的短时间内的巨大变化,并且变化是明显的。 obvious意为“明显的”,符合题意。 simple意为“简单的”, beneficial意为“有益的”, Interesting意为“有趣的”。
【考情分析】前文提到栖息地的破坏是明显的或者是微妙的,即可能很长时间其变化都没有被注意到。 a long period表示“很长一段时间”,故选A。
【考情分析】城市污水和从田地流出来的化学药物都属于污染, pollution意为“污染”,符合题意,故选B。 construction意为“建造”, farming意为“耕作”, living意为“生活”
【考情分析】此处意为:从城市和田地流出的污染物改变了河水的质量和流量。 quality and quantity意为“质量和数量”,故选D。
【考情分析】此处意为:对生存在这样处于微妙平衡的环境中的物种来说,这样的干扰就像砍光雨林一样致命。本句强调的是环境的改变对物种的影响,前后文中也多次出现 species,故选B。
【考情分析】 effective意为“有效的”,small意为“小的”,fatal意为“致命的”, surprising意为“令人吃惊的”。根据句意,故选C。
【考情分析】栖息地越来越小,生存的空间也会变得越来越拥挤, crowed意为“拥挤的”,符合题意。extensive意为“广泛的”, large意为“大的”,bare意为“荒芜的”。
【考情分析】此处意为:物种被迫生活在拥挤的地方,这会进一步导致栖息地的破坏。 destruction意为“破坏”,符合句意。 reform意为“改革”, support意为“支持”, discovery意为“发现”。
【考情分析】此处意为:这些物种越来越不适应环境的变化,这里是指栖息地被破坏后的变化。change意为“变化”,符合语境。 Improvements意为“改善”, protection意为“保护”, development意为“发展”,都是指好的方向,不符合语境。

IV. Reading Comprehension

考情分析】从文章第三段第二句“ They say she was extremely drunk and had trouble standing or walking”可知,她站不稳并且不能自己走路是因为醉得太厉害,故选C。
【考情分析】从文章第四段第二句“ If found guilty of the second offense, she faces up to 10 years in prison and fines in excess of s2,000可知,她面临10年监禁是因为她两次被抓到醉驾,故选A。
【考情分析】题目中的 nabbed意为“被逮住的”。选项中, arrested与 nabbed意思相同,意为“被逮捕的”,故选A。 attacked意为“被攻击的”, charged意为“被控告的”, punished意为“被处罚的”。
【考情分析】根据文章第三段第三、四句“The Greeks tended to be more artistic .. and decorative forms”可知,希腊的建筑很有艺术风格,有很多艺术装饰,故选B。
【考情分析】文章最后两段讲了希腊人和罗马人的相似之处,根据“ Both peoples ate very well indeed。 excellent wines”可知,他们喜欢边吃边聊,故选D。
【考情分析】由文章第三段第三向“ they permit people to borrow。 for it at the time”可知,即使目前不能支付得起,人们仍然可以提前拥有某样东西,故选C。
【考情分析】由文章第一段第二句“ It caught the ye of M. S. Hershey, who saw the potential for chocolate”可知,M。 S。 Hershey开始生产巧克力是因为看到了它的潜力,故选B。
【考情分析】由文章第二段第二句“ But it was World War I that really brought attention to the candy bar。”可知,是第一次世界大战让糖块的生产迅速发展,故选B。
【考情分析】文章第四段讲的是生产糖块的主要城市,介绍了其优势条件,最后一句强调了芝加哥是糖块生产的重要基地,结合上下文可知,eat意为“中心,基地”。 center意为“中心”,符合题意故选D.
【考情分析】由文章第一段中的“ Mark Twain is one of America's much-beloved authors, creating Imaginative and humorous classics for children and adults alike。,”可知,马克·吐温是美国著名的作家,其作品广受成人和孩子的喜爱,故选C。
【考情分析】由文章第一段的最后一句以及第四段的“ The first volume of the set will be available in November, and the trilogy is being published by…”知,马克·吐温的自传会被完整出版,故选C。
【考情分析】 trilogy意为“三部曲”,即 a work in three volumes,故选A
【考情分析】由文章第四段的“… and should provide great insights into the man behind the classic books”和第五段的“ By publishing Twain' s book in full, we hope that people will be able to come to their own complete conclusions about what sort of a man was”可知,出版自传的目的是让读者理解马克吐温,故选B。




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